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After extensive market studies, the concept of the fast-casual diner, offering street food turned out to be one with the most potential for a successful venture.

Street Food is eaten by 2.5 billion people per day across the world (Food & Agricultural Organization of the UN – FAO).

Globally, street food is the workers’ food. The new approach is to reinvent the “Classical” dishes using fresh and local ingredients and create new healthy dishes at affordable prices in order to cater to a larger consumer market.

Why Fast Casual Diner?

When fine dining has become restricted to the happy few, and when fast food is more and more seen as unhealthy, outdated and declining, an alternative has emerged, which is quickly adopted by big International Chains worldwide.

Fast casual dining is now the most dynamic growing sector in food hospitality. The eating-out experience is now going more towards casual, healthy dining.

We are returning to the basics. Consumers have a greater awareness of what they are eating. They are after fresh, hearty and healthy meal.
It is the “well-being” age.

The concept is dependable because “fresh ingredients” & “healthy recipes” will never go out of style.
It is dependable because it caters to a large age bracket (mostly between 18 – 34)
It is dependable because with the growing recession, paying affordable prices for healthy food will gain significant popularity.


Our Special Offers



Baked potato, grilled chicken, bbq sauce, iceberg, pickles, cherry tomatoes, jalapeno & melted cheddar



Belgian fries, cheese mix, bbq sauce, jalapeno & melted cheddar



Belgian fries, gravy sauce, sujuk, cherry tomatoes, iceberg, pickles, garlic dip & melted cheddar

Belgian Fries

Started in 1825 with Mr. Fritz a dreamer and a perfectionist Mr. Fritz had a secret of making fried potatoes; crispy from the outside and fluffy from the inside accompanied by homemade dips. The experience was immediately a success.

In 1857, the newspaper “Courier de Verviers” published an article on Fritz selling fries at fairs calling him ‘Le roi des pommes de terre frites” (the king of fried potatoes).

American Baked Potato

The baked potato was first adopted in Idaho in the United States. People used to buy small potatoes and farmers always complained about not being able to sell their large potatoes. Hazen Titus, the Northern Pacific Railway’s dining superintendent, discovered that potatoes were delicious after being baked in a slow oven. From that time on, baked potatoes gained a large popularity and is now sold all over the world with different toppings and fillings. 

What Our Clients Say

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